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Career Respectively SpiritPeople who want to do a big job always spring out many good methods, and the opposites often have a number of excuse. Methods are quantitatively more than difficulties. One should be zealous to his work. Whether you own this kind of zeal inborn or acquire it, you do need it. If you love your job, you will obviously try your best to make it perfect, and later every person around you will perceive this kind of zeal. One should always own the want of enterprise, which means you should actively do every thing necessary. Enterprise is the key element of achieving success. Never complain, never quail.

Moral ConsciousnessIt
s harmful for company to employ the one who is gifted but short of morality, and it
s better to employ the one with highly moral standard. Only who has moral thought will pay attention to company profits and take care of customers. Only if a group is built up with moralists, it will thrive the company.

Work HappilyHappiness brings enthusiasm. Forget pain, summarize failure, and belittle success. If one can judge the other
s view in the seat of him, everyone will feel comfortable.

Goal ConsciousnessGoal is the real power of career wanted. Goal can let you work actively, see the task clearly, always constitute personal goal and summarize it. One should constitute personal daily goal and perform then check it out. Give a sequence of all the task and firstly do the significant but not urgent work..

Profit Consciousness
s profits come out from the success of company. What you get is from what you pay out. One should do rather than only talk about it, and quickly finish every task rather than harangue. Finding problems is the ability, and solving the problems belongs to capability. One cannot gain authority unless he do everything first; one cannot attain much fund unless he is familiar with his work; one cannot build a firm base unless he know what the public think about; one shouldnt give excuses when he doesn
t do his work well. Complaint, grouse wrangle cannot help advance operation. One should thinking calmly, researching intellectually, and doing bravely. The complaint of customers is the support of our work. Question is opportunity. Write down the question and think about it, then we will have another more opportunity.

Elaborative MethodOne has to cultivate right methods of studying and thinking and benign habits of working .He can grasp emphases of knowledge and then apply it and change knowledge to impetus and then impetus to benefit. He should distinguish between truth and pure data and divide truth into important ones and unimportant ones. One should train himself to have the foresight ,when preparing a piece of work or plan ,you should ask yourself once again that how far you can think.

Concept of TimeThose who waste time are those who waste opportunities and those who economize time are those who grasp the occasion. The most effective method to save time is to arrange your time calculatedly and reasonably. When you have engaged with another one ,you must  carry it out  and should not break the appointment for any excuse, but you are appreciated  if you change the time in advance. Don
t be slaves of time, if you read something that others dont and think something while others don
t , day after day ,you will create a more interesting life.

Cost ConsciousnessWe should control the cost more effectively than our counterworkers and get a competition advantage by this way .Be sure to pay attention to the operating cost all the time and consider the cost as our lifeline.

Service ConsciousnessCustomers do not live on us but we cannot survive without customers. If you cannot serve the customers directly, you can serve those who can serve the customers directly. Treat your customers as treating your relatives. Show respect to the customers and do better than they expected. Within a reasonable range, satisfy the customers request to the most. Meanwhile, add more based upon this and let the customers know that you appreciate them. Only by this way will they return for your goods or service. Habitual customers are the best customers. If there is an argument, deal with your fault properly, apologize sincerely and never turn to any excuse.

Team ConsciousnessThe only way to replace genius is team cooperation. Our company, let
s manage.  If the profit of company is good, yours will be too. We should actively take part in the management of our company.

Innovation ConsciousnessThe eternal theorem of a company is to change. Change may not bring success, but maintaining will obviously bring failure. Innovation needn
t require that you are a genius, it just lies in finding a new tiny method to improve. Every one need to participate in innovation.

Learning ConsciousnessLearning is a kind of challenge, and is also a personal mastery process in career. You should studyprofession knowledge and other people
s experience from zero. The enemy of learning is complacency. In order to learn more things, we must start from dissatisfaction. Our team is a learning organization. We study and progress together in our team.